Given the war environment in Sri Lanka, thousands fled the country to seek a safe haven and a better life elsewhere.  Several thousands landed in Malaysia, largely using it as a transit base seeking resettlement in Australia, Canada, Europe and other countries.  Since the displaced people are not allowed to work, get free medical services, send their children to Government schools in Malaysia, they have to depend on financial support from relations and well wishers.  Some of them, especially women, children and the sick are helpless and need counseling and financial support to meet their basic needs to sustain. As part of FOMSO’s humanitarian assistance, here are some of our programs we have extended to the Displaced Sri Lankans in Malaysia.

Medical Aid

Financial aid was extended to women who needed urgent surgery, artificial limb replacement, eye surgery, accident cases, epileptic disorders etc.  Government hospitals give a 50% discount for these with UNHCR cards.  Others must pay the full fees.  In both cases they find it difficult to absorb the costs.

Food Program

Several families are being provided basic food items eg rice, cooking oil, sugar, flour, milk powder, milo, canned food items.  With the kind contributions from individuals and families, we have been able to supply these items on a monthly basis to needy families at various distribution centres.

Learning Centre

One of the pressing concerns of the DPSL, is their inability to send their children to schools.  FOMSO in partnership with the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) decided to establish a LEARNING CENTRE (LC) for the Displaced Sri Lankans.  A place was found in Ipoh Road and after initial enthusiasm, the interest by the displaced community declined due to transportation costs and constant mobility of the displaced community.  The LC was discontinued pending a more serious commitment by the displaced Sri Lankan community.  Now another centre is identified by the Displaced Community at Batu Tiga and this will be largely to teach English, Computer usage and Bahasa Malaysia.  It will be operated by the Society of the Displaced Sri Lankans and is expected to be operational in February.


Several families are living in crammed living conditions in rented apartments and some even live in refurbished containers near housing estates.  As most do not get regular income, reasonable accommodation is beyond their financial means.  We have assisted several families secure accommodation at no cost or at minimal costs.

Self Supporting Programs

FOMSO is working closely with UNHCR to facilitate training and guidance to the SLDP at various centres in the Klang valley.  FOMSO has provided equipment i.e. camera, computers, sewing machine to encourage the SLDP to be self-supporting and independent.  We are encouraging the SLDP organize a mini catering service centre to make Sri Lankan specialties (odial kool, apom, puttu, and palakarams) and hence generate some income for themselves.  This program is working well and the scope is being enlarged, in that a mini catering centre is being planned and is expected to commence in February.

Detained Displaced People

Many Sri Lankans have been detained by the Malaysian Immigration and Policeforvarious reasons.  It has been a struggle and effort by many good people to seek their release.  Once they are released they have no place to go.  We have assisted in providing temporary accommodation, medicines, food, some financial aid and income generating opportunities for about 30 detainees released from several Malaysian detention centres.


In recent weeks several families have asked FOMSO’s assistance to enable them to return to Sri Lanka.  This involves obtaining travel documents, assisting in air fares and government penalties.  FOMSO is liaising and working closely with the Malaysian Government, the Sri Lanka High Commissioner’s office, UNHCR, the Rotary Club in Sri Lanka and Air Lanka to facilitate and financially assist the voluntary return of the families.



  1. FOMSO New Year Dinner & Dance at the Royal Lake Club , organised by the Youth Bureau on 8th January 2010
  2. Participated in the International Day of Peace , Interfaith Prayers – Jointly organised by FOMSO , MIN & INSAF at the Pure Life Society, Kuala Lumpur on 21st September 2009
  3. Organised Basic Computer Classes at the Buddhist Maha Vihara in Jalan Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur for member of its affiliates, arranged by the Education Bureau.
  4. Organised the FOMSO Lanka Fiesta, at Dataran Timor, Petaling Jaya on 12th October 2009 , organised by the Youth Bureau
  5. Organised the International Conference on the Sri Lankan Diaspora – The Way Forward at the University of Malaysia auditorium on 2nd and 3rdAugust 2008
  6. Jointly organised The Festival of Dance & Music with Nritha Kalalayam Dance Academy on 10th August 2008
  7. The FOMSO Women’s Bureau organised Tamil Classes for beginners on Sundays at the Vinayagar Temple Petaling Jaya and Sri Rajeswari Temple in Ulu Kelang