FOMSO has been actively involved in many projects since the beginning. Apart from assisting in projects locally in Malaysia, we have also been involved in assisting the Internally Displaced Persons in Sri Lanka.

We are looking for volunteers for some of our projects and we also welcome donations in cash and in kind as well. Some of our urgent projects that require funds :-

1. Manik Farm & Jaffna Rehabilitation Program 

FOMSO continues with Phase 2 of the Humanitarian Relief Work in Sri Lanka. The work largely involves in resettlement and rehabilitation of the displaced war victims. People need to rebuild their homes, send their children to school, the orphans need care and homes, the injured need medical treatment, farmers and fisherman must get back their trade and to provide adult education programmes in language and computer literacy. All these programs require funds. We urge you to support and contribute generously for this important phase of the humanitarian work

2. Returning Refugees From Malaysia 

In recent weeks, some displaced Sri Lankans in Malaysia have indicated their desire to return to Sri Lanka. However, they do not have the means to pay the air fare and to obtain the travel documents. FOMSO is willing to assist them and in this connection is appealing to you to sponsor for those wanting to return. For each returning refugee, a contribution of RM 300 for the airfare and RM 800 for the immigration fines will be of great assistance.


If you would like to assist in anyway, kindly contact :-

Mr V Mahalingam          012-2342637

Mr M Magandran           012-3322221

Ms Geetha Ruban         012-6021394